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In some countries it is called Episcopal, but in most of the world it is called Anglican. What is it?

There are many churches around the world that have the word Anglican in their name, and virtually all of them are indeed Christian churches in the Anglican tradition. In some sense these are all Anglican churches, and most of them are part of the Anglican Church. We very much like the short essay on the web site of the Anglican Church of Canada entitled "The Anglican Church Welcomes You", and we refer you to it for a better answer than we could write. While it is written for a Canadian audience, it speaks to everyone.

Sometimes churches agree on issues of faith and doctrine and tradition, and sometimes they do not. There is no central administration of the Anglican Church. There is no Pope or President or chief executive. The Anglican Church is instead unified by tradition, belief, and agreement. The coordination of that unity is achieved through something called The Anglican Communion. Some churches use the word "Anglican" or "Episcopal" in their name, but are not part of the Anglican Communion.