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  Web hosting is an Internet business in which a businessperson buys a computer, buys an Internet connection for that computer, and then rents space on that computer to groups that wish to have a web page but do not need full ISP service. There are thousands of companies worldwide in the web hosting business. Almost every ISP offers web hosting, and many of their customers offer it too.

Typically a web hosting contract will permit you to put some number of megabytes of data on the hosting company's computer, and will specify an upper limit for the number of accesses per day that they permit. It is inconceivable that a properly-designed religious web page will encounter a problem of too many people looking at it, so the daily access limits are unlikely to be a problem.

Text and pictures do not take much space. A few megabytes of disk space can hold hundreds of pages of written text and dozens upon dozens of photographs. Space is consumed by audio and video files, and by pictures that are not properly prepared for the web. Please read the section on "Content and form" before you make the decision to include audio or video files on your web site, and please read the "educate yourself about pictures" section of "Common mistakes".

The Society of Archbishop Justus operates a small number of Internet server computers, and can offer web hosting to needy Anglican organizations. See our page SoAJ Web hosting for more information about this.