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Every web page must have a name; that is how people find it. But names also encode identity. In the United States, the dioceses of the Episcopal church have in general chosen names badly; most other countries have done a better job. If you are reading this page because you are planning a web page for a diocese or national church, please read carefully.

The name has two parts: a domain name and a page name. For example, the page that you are now reading is named anglican.org/domain/ChooseName.html. The domain name portion of that is "anglican.org"; it is determined by the server computer. The page name portion of that is "domain/ChooseName.html"; it is determined by placing a page named "ChooseName.html" into a folder named "domain", which in turn is stored on that server computer.

If you know about the domain ANGLICAN.ORG and know that you want to use it, you can skip the explanatory material and move right to our section on using ANGLICAN.ORG. Otherwise please keep reading.

Computer naming choices are made incorrectly more often than not, because the names are chosen to amuse the people choosing the name, and not to benefit the people using the name. It is a good thing that most parents are more careful when naming their children.

Click on the menu items at left to read our essay about the current state of domain naming in the Anglican world, then come back and read our Q&A about the process of naming.

Note that, while ANGLICAN.ORG names are not available directly (from us) to parishes or cathedrals, any diocese that wishes to use its diocesan domain for such purposes is welcome to do so, but parishes and cathedrals must work through their diocese and not through ANGLICAN.ORG itself. If you are reading this page because you represent a parish or cathedral church, and you are looking for a domain name under ANGLICAN.ORG, you should talk to your diocesan communications office, which is almost certainly linked on your diocese's web page.