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  Most churches that claim Apostolic succession are organized into dioceses. Not just Anglican and Episcopal churches, but Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and various other smaller church organizations use the word "diocese". Quite a number of dioceses have found the Internet, chosen a domain name, gone online, and are taking advantage of the promise of the Internet by using this medium to distribute useful information.

Taken in isolation, each domain name is fine. Of course the Diocese of Maine is DIOMAINE.ORG, the Diocese of Colorado is COLORADODIOCESE.COM, and of course the Diocese of Rochester is DOR.ORG. But wait: the Anglican Diocese of Rochester, which is in County Kent in England, doesn't have a domain; DOR.ORG is the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester, which is in New York in the United States. But who would have guessed that the Diocese of New Westminster is VANCOUVER.ANGLICAN.CA or that the Diocese of Texas is EPICENTER.ORG?

In March 1999, some of the domain names for dioceses around the world were:
london.anglican.org Diocese of London
Diocese of Southern Virginia
olympia.anglican.org Diocese of Olympia (Episcopal Church in Western Washington)
oxford.anglican.org Diocese of Oxford (England)
montreal.anglican.org Diocese of Montreal (Anglican Church of Canada)
ecr.anglican.org Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real (USA)
ecusa.anglican.org Episcopal Church in USA
ireland.anglican.org The Church of Ireland (Anglican)
but also these:

dor.org Diocese of Rochester (Roman Catholic)
anglican.org.uk/rochester Diocese of Rochester (Church of England)
diopitt.org Diocese of Pittsburgh (Roman Catholic)
diocese-oregon.org Diocese of Oregon (Episcopal)
epicenter.org Episcopal Diocese of Texas
fwdioc.org Diocese of Fort Worth (Roman Catholic)
ang-md.org Episcopal Diocese of Maryland
toronto.anglican.ca Diocese of Toronto (Anglican)
episcopal-ne.org Diocese of Nebraska (Episcopal)
episcopalnet.org Anglican Province of Christ the King (not in communion)
acahome.org/deus Diocese of the Eastern United States (ACA)
ladiocese.org Diocese of Los Angeles (Episcopal)
la-archdiocese.org Archdiocese of Los Angeles (Roman Catholic)
jampine.com/diocese Diocese of Nassau and the Bahamas (Anglican)

We Anglicans would like the world to be able to find us, to avoid impostors, and we would like to present to that world a face that is orderly and cooperative. Every Anglican diocese, province, and national church is welcome to use ANGLICAN.ORG free of charge. You lose nothing by doing this, and you gain an increased likelihood of people being able to find you on the Internet. If you choose to use some random local name for your diocese, we will point the anglican.org name at your local name.