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If you found this page with a search engine or a link, please start reading one level higher up, at "Choose a name."

ANGLICAN.ORG is the Internet domain for the Anglican Communion. It is currently official only in England, Ireland, Scotland, and ECUSA (which encompasses the United States and various other countries) but it is present and available to free of charge in every country having an Anglican presence.

If you want to use ANGLICAN.ORG for your parish, talk to your diocese. If you are ahead of them, and they are not ready to use it yet, offer to help. There is no mechanism for putting parish churches into ANGLICAN.ORG except by working through their dioceses. The Anglican church is hierarchical.

Although not all of the Anglican communion worldwide is yet connected smoothly to the Internet, there is a global plan for how things should be named as they become connected. The Anglican church began in England in the beginning of the sixth century, and has served as a worthy vehicle to further the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church. The Internet began in the United States at the end of the twentieth century, and will over time evolve to be an important tool in sustaining the work of the church. The naming plan exists to provide some consistency and structure as the use of the Internet grows worldwide.

To learn how to use ANGLICAN.ORG for your part of the Anglican domain, please start by reading the naming plan. It will direct you to further instructions about actually using the domain. If you already know what you want, turn directly to the "Claiming your domain name" section to find out how to get your ANGLICAN.ORG subdomain.

The ANGLICAN.ORG domain belongs to Anglicans everywhere, and is being held in trust by the Anglican Domain Technical Committee. It is currently operated for the Domain Technical Committee by the Society of Archbishop Justus to ensure that it is as widely available and professionally-operated as possible. The Anglican communion consists of 37 self-governing pieces, none of which has administrative authority over any other. Our Society, while having no official standing in any national church organization, oversees the domain to make sure that all of them, and the associated dioceses and provinces and seminaries and orders and societies, have full but organized access. Every diocese, province, national church, seminary, religious order, and society that is in communion with the See of Canterbury is entitled to a name within ANGLICAN.ORG. So, for example, the Church of Ireland has IRELAND.ANGLICAN.ORG and the U.S. Episcopal Church has the subdomain ECUSA.ANGLICAN.ORG; the diocese of Missouri has the subdomain MISSOURI.ANGLICAN.ORG and the diocese of Bath and Wells has the subdomain BATHWELLS.ANGLICAN.ORG.