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The plan for assigning names within ANGLICAN.ORG has evolved over time and experience. The overriding principle is that some person halfway around the earth from you should have a good chance of finding you based on the name. Also, most of the time people click on names rather than type them in, so long names are quite acceptable. Abbreviations tend to be culture-specific; people in St. Louis might know that "MO" is the usual abbreviation for Missouri, but people in Christchurch might think that it means something else entirely.

There is a lot of technology-based logic behind this naming plan. The Internet's naming technology is not perfect, and the naming plan has been devised so that these names can be administered by ordinary people rather than computer specialists.

Names serve two purposes: they are part of your identity, of how you see or feel about yourself, and they are also the means by which the rest of the world refers to you. The plan for assigning names in ANGLICAN.ORG was created almost entirely for the benefit of the people who will be referring to you rather than for your diocese's or your country's sense of how it feels about itself.

This page gives examples of names in ANGLICAN.ORG, but does not delve into the details of the rules or justifications. The rules are in our "Naming rules" page. If you are not familiar with the concept of Province or Transnational Province, you can find a definition here.

Below are some examples of names in ANGLICAN.ORG.

Entity being named

Example of such a name


National Church Scotland.Anglican.org Uses country name, not church name
Transnational Province SouthernAfrica.Anglican.org Avoid abbreviations
National Province NewSouthWales.Anglican.org The use of capital letters is not required
Province duplicating other name Province-Canada.Anglican.org Hyphen required; capital letters are not
Diocese Dunedin.Anglican.org  
Diocese with duplicated name Newcastle-AU.Anglican.org  
Parish or Cathedral

Each diocese handles this for itself

Seminary or Theological College Virginia.edu.Anglican.org "Seminary" is primarily an American word.
Anglican school edu.anglican.org/stjustus This form does not consume an IP address
Religious order Orders.anglican.org/FODC Abbreviations typically used for orders
Anglican society Societies.anglican.org/
Avoid abbreviations
International resource Canonlaw.anglican.org See detailed rules for discussion