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  One of the roles of churches is pastoral care: taking care of people in need. People often turn to clergy for counseling and guidance, and, as the online world matures, people often turn to online religious organizations like this one for counseling or pastoral help. Some clergy are trained in this and some are not, and it is not easy to tell the difference, especially online.

Recommending counseling online is tricky business, and we don't think we should be doing that. We suggest that you turn to your telephone book and look for a nearby Mental Health association or professional society. If you can't find such a thing, then try to find the nearest Christian church, any church. Any Christian priest, minister, or pastor should be able to help you find an appropriate counselor. Since we are Anglicans, we would ourselves turn first to an Anglican or Episcopal church, but if you are in trouble you cannot afford to be too selective.

In the United States one good possibility is the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. A list of over 3,200 individual members of AAPC is available from the Association Office by calling 703-385-6967. The Association office will be happy to refer you to a certified pastoral counselor near you.

We welcome suggestions by qualified clergy and counselors for recommendations to provide to people in other countries.