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  There is no central online registry of Anglican and Episcopal churches. We at the Society of Archbishop Justus are working on one, and expect to have it operational by Easter 1999.

In the interim, Anglicans Online is your best source of information about churches and cathedrals with web pages. If you are looking for a web page for a church, parish, or diocese, and Anglicans Online doesn't list it, then it probably doesn't exist. Before giving up you should check the diocesan web page to see if it has a parish listing.

If you are looking for an Anglican or Episcopal church to attend, you can try your local telephone directory, or you can try checking with the diocese. Many diocesan web pages have lists of the parishes and churches in that diocese, and the Anglicans Online directory of diocesan web pages is kept up to date.

The various online telephone "yellow pages" directories list most churches. These services are quite sophisticated in North America, and work to varying degrees in other places. In 1998 in most of the world, your best bet for finding a church near you is to use your telephone directory.