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  Every Christian church in the world is eager to tell you about Christianity. Evangelism and outreach is part of what we do. We Anglicans are no exception. Most of the larger churches and dioceses around the world have links on their web pages that tell you what we believe. A very simple place to start looking is the "Start Here" section of Anglicans Online. A complete and comprehensible introduction to our faith has been published on the web by the staff of the Diocese of Texas, the Church of England provides a web page on "What it means to be an Anglican", and a crisp and well-done Frequently-Asked Questions about the Epsicopal Church is published by St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Durham, North Carolina, USA, in the Diocese of North Carolina.

The Anglican Communion Office in London has pages that are in some sense official (click here to see what "official" might mean) but rather dry.