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  We get a lot of requests to help locate people. We don't have access to any more master databases than anybody else, but maybe we can offer a few tips.

If you are trying to find an Anglican or Episcopal priest or deacon or other church official, the best source of information is the annual handbook that every national church publishes. Every Episcopal or Anglican church will have one of these, and often you can just call the church office on the telephone and ask them to look up a name for you in the church directory. Many libraries have them too. In the US this book is called The Episcopal Church Annual. In Great Britain and Ireland it is published in Crockford's Clerical Directory. The information contained in these books is copyrighted and has not yet been released for online use.

If you are trying to find a person you knew in a church somewhere, you have a lot of choices. There are several good online databases to help you find people. Rather than list them here, we refer you to the Yahoo people-search directory, which contains links to online search services.

If you are trying to research your ancestry and you know that historical records are kept in the Anglican churches in the country from which your ancestors emigrated, we must tell you that in general those records are not yet online. If you know the name of the parish where a birth, death, baptism, or marriage was recorded, you should contact them directly. The Internet is a rich source of genealogy information, and we will not try to duplicate any of it here.